Monthly Archives: August 2016

Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter has been winning hearts and jerking tears with his soulful voice and charisma.

Pete Byrne, Etienne Belin & Elena Jurgaitytė

Pete Byrne with a face melting acoustic solo, Etienne Belin on the rhythm, Elena Jurgaitytė enchanting us with vocals as always, and a funky percussive beat from the ice cool Moi Ses on the cajon.

Chree Ees medley

Chree Ees finishing off his monster nostalgia medley with a banger.

Sammy Lee with William Loughnan

Bit of genuine R&B from Sammy Lee with the plumbing sensation William Loughnan on the strings.

Pete Byrne – Oasis Classic

The Harmony kitchen doing their bit to help out Pete Byrne take on an Oasis classic.

Etienne Belin – Pharrel

The French maestro Etienne Belin nailing Pharrel! Featuring fellow musician William Loughnan clapping along way out of time

William and Sammy

Benny Benassi Willo style with William and Sammy.

William Loughnan

Get down to Harmony Ios and have your heart melted with William Loughnan.

William Loughnan and Sammy Lee

Fresh off the boat William Loughnan sussing out the set with Sammy Lee.

Harmony guest

When a Harmony guest gets up to sing and absolutely kills it!