Yoga at Harmony

Here at Harmony we are all about health and well-being. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we hold yoga classes on our sea facing deck, so you can enjoy a beautiful view whilst stretching and rejuvenating.

Asha Combes, our resident yoga teacher, speaks about finding love for her practice and how it developed into teaching. Beginning as a free diver, Asha began practising yoga 3 years ago to learn more about breathe work.

‘Finding a deep connection in the practice through seeing benefits in flexibility, dexterity and mental clarity I knew that yoga would forever be apart of my life. Last year I quit my job in Australia and travelled to India to pursue the disciplines of yoga, heading to study in the yogi centre of the universe- Rishikesh. There I studied in primary series Ashtanga on an intensive 28day yoga teacher training course, that now enables me to share yoga as a teacher in many different styles of classes.
Sharing the benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation.’



Classes begin at 9:30 am, costing only €5. All levels are welcome, we look forward to seeing you!

For more information, contact us on Facebook or Instagram @Harmonyios.